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Morganfield Soldier Honored at Veteran's Walk of Honor

Story by Carrie Dillard / Advocate staff reporter
Flag raising

Photo by Carrie Dillard

Flag being raised at the Blackford Memorial Bridge, Veterans Walk of Honor by Honor Guard, 2nd Battalion, 123rd Armor in Marion, Kentucky.  

The Flag of the late S/SGT R. L. Nally of Morganfield was raised during the Veteran's Day ceremony at The Blackford Veteran's Memorial Bridge. Veteran's Day 2006


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Crittenden County honored the late S/SGT R. L. Nalley of Morganfield during their Veterans' Day program on Saturday.

Nalley served in the Air Force during Vietnam. With permission from the Nalley family, Director Dan Witherspoon presented the flag to be raised during the afternoon ceremony by the 2nd Battalion, 123rd Armor in Marion, Kentucky.

Kentucky State Representative Mike Cherry and Kentucky State Senator Dorsey Ridley came to honor all the soldiers, past and present. "There are only two people who ever died for you," stated Cherry, "Jesus Christ and the American G.I."

In his speech, Senator Ridley noted the new, overdue legislation in effect for active duty troops and families. "Families pay a steep price when their loved ones serve," said Ridley. With his support, he hopes to restore the Veterans Respect Bill, prohibiting disruptions and making protests illegal during military funerals. He also helped pass the Veterans Right To Know act, which acts to fully inform military personnel of their benefits.

Representative Cherry stated his desire that we "make Veterans' Day a daily routine in our lives," and that our government becomes a "partnership not a partisanship" which continues its fight for veterans' rights.

A memorial to Nalley can be found in brickwork at the Veterans' Walk of Honor stone on the Blackford Walking Trail.


Staff Sgt. Timothy Keel, Sgt. A.J. Huddleston and Pvt. 1st Class Justin McFarland of the 2nd BN 123rd Armor Ky. ANG salute the flag after presenting the colors at the Veterans Walk of Honor Veterans Day ceremony Saturday afternoon. The local Kentucky Guard Unit provided the color guard and other participants. Local Guardsman Lt. Barkley Hughes was the keynote speaker during the American Legion's Veterans Day event in Marion. See page 3A for more Veterans Day coverage.



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